GFS Kids Plus+ Activities in Recess

PLEASE NOTE THAT GFS GIPPSLAND HAS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED ITS KIDS PLUS+ , AND ADULT FRIENDS ACTIVITIES (including the proposed Camp at Coonwarra) while we ascertain that all our policies and procedures are in line with the Victorian Child Safety Standards as required by the Victorian Government.

While we are confident that all is in place it is important that we do an audit of all our policies.   This is consistent with all children and youth activities within the Anglican Diocese of Gippsland.   Once complete we will advise of coming activities.  We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment.




Connected to Facebook

At last our Kids Plus Web site has been connected to Facebook.  This is different from the Facebook group sites that we have for leaders and older members.  This new link connects directly to the web site where this post is placed.  Every time we post information on the web site those who connect through the Facebook Link will receive notification.  Hopefully this will increase those who check in on the web site.  The facebook link is Kidsplusgippsland.