GFS An Anglican Ministry

GFS as a ministry to girls and women had its beginnings in London in .  The Society commenced as a welfare organisation for young women.  It had its beginnings in Australia in Adelaide in, eventually commencing in the Diocese of Gippsland in.  Over the years a large number of girls and women have benefited from the ministry of GFS and have had many enjoyable experiences.   Many parishes have had a branch of GFS and a number of these past members and leaders still keep up an association through the Kids Plus+ Adult Friends Network.

There is currently no active branches of GFS in Gippsland but GFS activities are shared through the Kids Plus+ Network activities.

Gippsland GFS plays an active part in the ministry of Victorian GFS working closely with Melbourne Diocese and leaders and members are involved in GFS Australian & World activities.  The recent past Chair of GFS Gippsland, Lauren Kitwood was the Australian Junior Delegate at the 2011 World Council in Ireland.    The current Chair is Carol Johnstone who has a long and active history with GFS in the Diocese.

In 2016 GFS Gippsland celebrated 130 years of ministry in the diocese.  A number of activities were held for current and past members.  It was a great time to look at what has been achieved over those years and for many to catch up and reminisce.

While it is good to look back, the most important thing is to look forward and to consider how we can bring more to a faith in Christ through the ministry of GFS.

The World Council of GFS was held in Perth during July 2017.  Once again we had a Gippsland member as a delegate to the council in Abuok Majuk who has been appointed as the Junior delegate.  Abuok was a member of GFS in Moe, but is currently living in Pakenham.

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