Joining the Network

Kids Plus+ Gippsland is a network and as such is able to be joined by Parishes, groups within parishes, leaders of Children’s and Youth Ministry Groups or individuals who wish to support the Ministry.

Parishes and Parish Groups and Leaders can join with the authorisation of the Rector and the Parish Council.   Leaders of Groups are required to follow all Child Safety Regulations under the Diocesan Safe Ministry requirements.  This must be acknowledged by the Rector on application to join the network.

Individuals who are not part of a parish children’s ministry program but wish to be part of the Diocesan children’s and family network must also be authorised by their Rector and have the required Police Checks and Safe Ministry Protocols.

The affiliation fee of $ 50 for a parish and $30 for individual adults (concession cardholder fees apply)helps  to provide for the cost of administering the network, sponsoring children and young people to attend camps and other such activities and renewing the resources.

The individual membership fee also applies to the Adult Friends Network which is a separate ministry of its own.

Members of the Network have free access to the resources for Parish, Group or Community use.

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